Circular Cutting Knives & Complete Slitting Systems

Origin: Germany
Manufacturing: circular knives
Quality management in accordance with the ISO 9002

Main Products:

  • Circular Shear cut system Scheme
  • Standard types for upper & Top knives Lower knife shaft
  • Top knife holders Bottom knives
  • Spacer rings
  • Circular Shear cut system Scheme
  • Small cut types for upper & Top knives
  • Lower cut knife shaft Top knife holder Bottom knives
  • High speed types for upper & Top knives
  • Other types for lower knife shaft
  • Cutting rings Cutting ring holders
  • Multi-knife blocks Air loaded shear cut knife holder Top knives
  • Top knife holders POH Crush cut system Scheme
  • Crush cutters Crush cut holders Q68 Crush cut holders QHP Hardened sleeves
  • Burst cut system
  • Scheme Core cutting knives
  • Grooved sleeves

Wilhelm Bilstein GmbH&Co.KG is a modern family enterprise doing business on an international scale and, for already many years, has been one of the leading manufacturers in the field of circular cutting knives and cutting technology. The company’s long-term success is a result of its concentration on customer orientation and, in particular, the area of individual technical cutting optimisation in perfect combination with the flexibility of a family-run enterprise. Committed and qualified employees all over the World make sure that you get “the best cut”. Here, reliability and service are the dominant features to ensure a co-operation in partnership with the customer. We were the first enterprise in our branch to be granted the certification as per DIN EN ISO 9001 as early as June 1993. For us, top quality is not just a daily challenge but is implemented as a conscious part of our lives. Numerous patents and utility models show the outstanding position of the enterprise with the development and implementation of highly demanding cutting tasks and a great number of satisfied customers benefit from these positive results. World-wide distribution takes place via daughter companies in France and Great Britain and by means of a widespread international network of contractual partners.

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Longitudinal Guillotine Knives For Paper Industry

Kreso Wuppertal - Kremer, Sondermann GmbH & Cie.
Origin: Germany
Manufacturing: Longitudinal knives

Main Products

  • Paper Industry
  • Schedule cutter
  • Three cutter
  • Trimmer Knives
  • Knife for exercise book lines
  • Sheeter knives for the paper, board and corrugated board industry
  • Knife for nip-machines Nozzle strips (Air Lips)
  • Special knives
  • Cutting sticks

Metal Industry

  • Shear Blades for cold and hotwork
  • Billet and Bar Blades
  • Profile Shear Blades
  • Crop Shear Blades
  • Scrap Chopper Blades
  • Scrap Shear Blades
  • blanking tools
  • Special Knives

Recycling industry

  • Blades for granulators
    Rotary Blades
    Stationary Blades
  • Blades for agglomerates
  • Blades for
    Reel Splitters
  • Slitting Blades for
    used tyres and cables
  • Blades for scrap and
    alligator shears

Mechanical engineering

  • Wear Strips
  • Blade guides for textile and plastic Compression bars
  • Guideways Wear strips
  • Nozzle strips
  • Doctor blade
  • stamp
  • Matrices & Bending tools
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